Ministry Debate in the ELS


The Public Ministry of the Word (Adopted by the ELS in 2005)  

The Circuit 8 Revision of the Public Ministry of the Word
This is a revision of the PCM document proposed by several pastors of the ELS.

The PCM Comparison Document
 by Joseph Abrahamson 
This is a comparison of the two documents linked above prepared by ELS Pastor Joseph Abrahamson.

Does the Bible Teach a Limited Public Use of the Keys? 
by Pastor Rolf Preus
This is a paper prepared by Pastor Rolf Preus for the 2005 Circuit Meeting of the Northern Circuit  (Circuit 8) and later sent to President John Moldstad, Jr.

A Response from the ELS Presidium to Circuit 8

By President John Moldstad

The ELS in convention asked the ELS presidium to explain why the Circuit 8 Revision

was not in order.  This is what President Moldstad wrote.

A Critique of the Circuit 8 Revision

By Erling Teigen

Clarifying the Issues: A Response to President Moldstad and Professor Teigen
by Pastor Rolf Preus
Pastor Rolf Preus wrote this in response to the papers by President Moldstad and Professor Teigen.  This is the paper that President Moldstad required Pastor Preus to retract or be expelled from the ELS.


The Expulsion of Pastor Preus from the ELS

Why I Cannot Accept the "The Public Ministry of the Word"
Adopted at the 2005 Convention of the ELS
Presented to RHLC on January 29, 2006
Pastor Preus presented this at the last Bible class he taught at River Heights Lutheran Church in East Grand Forks.

An Explanation of the Suspension of Rev. Rolf Preus
by President John Moldstad

Pastor Rolf Preus' Appeal of his
Suspension from the ELS by President John Moldstad

Appendix to Pastor Rolf Preus’ Appeal of his
Suspension from the ELS by President John Moldstad
July 24, 2006
This appendix to the appeal was written after the ELS convention and addresses how the process had become corrupted.

Should I Retract my “Clarifying the Issues” Paper?
August 14, 2006
Pastor Preus send this to the Commission on Appeals to study prior to meeting with them eight days later.

Pastor Rolf Preus’ Oral Presentation to the Commission on Appeals
August 22, 2006

November, 2006

The Word of God and the Church
A Report on my Expulsion from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod
By Pastor Rolf David Preus
January 23, 2007